K Marie Tyler

I am an artist in Hillsboro, Oregon - a place snuggled between Portland and the Pacific coast.  In 2005, a local artist and friend, offered a class in mosaic making, launching my creativity in a new direction.  I fell in love with the glass, the colors, the play of light, and the process of connecting the bits.  In my portfolio, you can explore my growth: initially I started with things - mirrors, picture frames, clocks and tables.  From there, I gained confidence to make art.  Thank you for stopping by. 

With childlike wonder, I walk gratefully on the planet, enjoying its beauty; perfect and playful in its raw form.  Creating art for me has never been an attempt to improve upon nature, but to translate to others the ways I experience joy in what I see and sense.                                                                       

Using primarily glass for my mosaics, I am provided an almost unlimited pallette to work from, and more cuts and splinters than a girl can count.  Band-aid stashes are essential.  Conceiving and fashioning art that both captures my intent, and occasionally inspires others as well, is a great gift.  

This site is definitely "under construction" so please come back soon, as past works, current projects, and art for sale will be displayed.